The Song of Chief Seattle.

The well-known speech of Chief Seattle was given in response to the demand of the U.S. government to sell his land. This speech was ordinarily delivered in his Native tongue. His words were transcribed and have been interpreted and re-written several times.


In the Music CD Medicine Wheels,  Robert Gass has selected about 25% of his speech and put in as lyrics to his music. He has deleted passages, which are believed to have been added by others. 


One year after that speech was delivered a treaty was signed ceding much of the land upon which Seattle now stands.

 Chief Seattle died in 1866, shortly after the city named for him passed a law making it illegal for Indians to live there.

 I have added the Album  ‘Medicine Wheels’  in my Music For the Soul List. Below are the words from his speech which aare the lyrics to the song.


The Song of Chief Seattle.


Every part of this Earth is sacred to my people;

Every shining pine needle, every sandy shore.

Every mist in the dark wood,

Every clearing and every humming insect is the holy memory of my people.

The sap which courses through the trees carries the memories of my people.

The perfumed flowers are our sisters.

We are part of the Earth, and the Earth is part of us.

The deer, the horse, the great eagle are our brothers.

We belong to the same family.


If we sell our land, you must remember that it is sacred.

The shining water that moves in the streams and the rivers is not only water, but the blood of our people.

If we sell you our land, you must remember to teach your children to give the rivers kindness that you would give your brother.


The red man has always retreated before the advancing white man as the mist of the mountains runs before the morning sun.

The white man does not understand our ways.

He treats Mother, the Earth, as a thing to be bought and sold.

He will devour the Earth and leave behind only desert.


Where is the thicket? Gone.

Where is the eagle? Gone.

Goodbye to the swift pony and the hunt.

The end of living and the beginning of survival.


For some special purpose God had given you dominion over this land.

That destiny is a mystery to us.

The Earth is precious to God.To harm the Earth is to harm its Creator






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  1. Happy JAK
    Jan 04, 2009 @ 01:44:22

    How precious are the lyrics to "The Song of Chief Seattle". How sad that shortly after Chief Seattle died in 1866, the city named for him passed a law making it illegal for Indians to live there. Genocide!



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